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Peak Moods

We couldn't be more ecstatic to say that the

Favourite Positions podcast is sponsored by Peak Moods.

Having been admirers of the brand since its inception, it is an honour to be able to announce this partnership.

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Peak's all-natural, sparkling beverages have been designed for your mind.


Did you know that 49% of Gen-Z suffer from poor mental health every day?

As a neuro-divergent person, Louie J Syred, who you can hear on episode 06 of the podcast, has struggled with self-medicating his ADHD, and co-founder Ben Whales was no stranger to the social pressure surrounding drinking.

The two of them asked: why do we seek to dull our minds every day with coffee and alcohol, instead of uplifting our minds to unlock our best potential? With this question in mind, they set out on a mission to reimagine the functional drinks market.

Peak has created game-changing wellness supporting, non-alcoholic drinks to get you in your peak state of mind using a unique stack of nootropics.

Our Founder, Alex, loves the Blackberry Hibiscus, 'it’s perfect after a day's work and is my go-to at events, making me feel relaxed without the fear of a hangover. Anyone I speak to who's tried Peak is obsessed and they all have their own preferred time to drink a can, like my gym owner who swears by starting his day with one, to my friends with ADHD who find them so motivating to have each afternoon, especially if they're feeling that post lunch slump'.

You can get 30% off your next order of Peak by heading to and using the code FAVOURITEPOSITIONS
at checkout.


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