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Founder of Favourite Positions is an online platform, accompanied by a podcast and event series, which is dedicated to assisting individuals in uncovering and pursuing their passions. Through interviews with thought-leaders, we aim to prove that finding what you love to do is possible, irrespective of one's life stage.

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Alex Young, Founder of Favourite Positions


Alex is an expert in career and work place culture. She specialises in setting up shared workspaces across the UK, supporting thousands of organisations in their growth. As the Director at Projects, a shared work space with 2 thriving buildings in Brighton and ambitious plans for further openings across the UK, Alex has been able to actualise her vision for the flexible work space industry: she believes that the creation of inspiring and inclusive workspaces not only empower individuals to achieve their best but also inspire them to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable future. 

Alex's passion for empowerment extends beyond work spaces. She is the Founder of Favourite Positions and has built an audience of over 10k followers organically since launching the platform in 2022. Her work has been featured the BBC and Channel 4, as well as in Cosmopolitan, Metro and Start Up Magazine.

Alex is currently on the MBA programme at Imperial College London has received the Scholarship of Excellence.

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Alex was my manager at Plus X Brighton for over 16 months. I started as a Content Producer Apprentice and now run my own business. Alex was there for every step of the way. She taught me everything I know about working in a corporate environment, from writing emails to negotiating a day rate!

Zach Hyland

I've had the pleasure of observing Alex’s remarkable career in the coworking and flex industry, where her diligence, compassion, and determination have consistently set her apart.

Alex is not just knowledgeable about workspace cultures; she has a genuine passion for helping people discover their true professional calling and cultivating communities. Her grace, kindness, and willingness to go above and beyond make her an invaluable asset in any professional setting.

I had the privilege of entrusting Alex to host GCUC UK for the flex and coworking industry that I produced, a decision I did not regret. Her charismatic and charming demeanour, combined with a dedication to putting her all into every task, made the event a resounding success.

I cannot wait for future opportunities to work with her.

Emilie Lashmar

Alex is commercially minded, strategic and tenacious in achieving results; but what sets Alex apart is her commitment to brand experience, community, and genuine care and love for her team and those around her. Alex is by far one of the most organised and diligent professionals I have ever worked with and I have no doubt she will go very far in her career. I can't think of a business that wouldn't find her to be an asset.

Beth Lewis

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