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Favourite Positions
is a platform dedicated to helping people find what they love to do.

Founder of Favourite Positions is an online platform, accompanied by a podcast and event series, which is dedicated to assisting individuals in uncovering and pursuing their passions. Through interviews with thought-leaders, we aim to prove that finding what you love to do is possible, irrespective of one's life stage.

Done with being held back

Alex Young, the founder of Favourite Positions, launched the platform driven by her own frustrating experiences with career advice early in her journey. Like so many, she was hindered by ageism and gender biases (she was told that being younger than the people she was meant to manage would make them feel uncomfortable so she couldn't be promoted and so often, she faced sexism and harassment in her places of work). Alex didn't want to be constrained by outdated 'norms' and have her potential stifled. 

Determined to break free from these limitations, and encouraged by her amazing Mum (who now edits the podcast), she sought advice from individuals who were created inclusive workplaces and championing diversity. She was inspired by their commitment to building businesses that not only thrived but also contributed positively to society and the environment, all while prioritising the well-being of their teams.

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Alex and her Mum (Angela)

Their stories proved that there were new possibilities and inspired Alex to find work that she loved but also to share these insights with others as she knew she wasn't the only one who had been left to feel so disillusioned at work. 

Favourite Positions became a platform where Alex could amplify these voices, offering guidance and inspiration to those who, like her, want to love what they do and make a meaningful impact in their careers.

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Alex's Bio


Alex is an expert in career and work place culture. She specialises in setting up shared workspaces across the UK, supporting thousands of organisations in their growth. As the Director at Projects, a shared work space with 2 thriving buildings in Brighton and ambitious plans for further openings across the UK, Alex has been able to actualise her vision for the flexible work space industry: she believes that the creation of inspiring and inclusive workspaces not only empower individuals to achieve their best but also inspire them to contribute to a fairer and more sustainable future. 

Alex's passion for empowerment extends beyond work spaces. She is the Founder of Favourite Positions and has built an audience of over 10k followers organically since launching the platform in 2022. Her work has been featured the BBC and Channel 4, as well as in Cosmopolitan, Metro and Start Up Magazine.

Alex is currently on the MBA programme at Imperial College London has received the Scholarship of Excellence and the Imperial Women’s Scholarship. She will serve as a Student Ambassador there, helping recruit high-caliber candidates for future years.


'I am particularly excited to contribute to initiatives that promote gender parity in further education and beyond. Also, I look forward to learning more about the Forté Foundation, sponsored by Imperial. This non-profit consortium is made up of leading companies and top business schools who are dedicated to empowering women to achieve fulfilling careers within a supportive community. Whilst I encounter misogyny almost daily, I remain acutely aware of the privileges that I have and I am dedicated to fostering equal opportunities for others. I am committed to making a meaningful impact and will work tirelessly to ensure those facing discrimination of all types receive the support and opportunities that they deserve.'

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