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Job websites that won't fill you with dread

Looking for a job but dreading trailing through Indeed? Read this👇

We've all been there: anticipation about looking for a new opportunity turning into boredom and feeling disheartened as you scroll endlessly through the traditional jobs boards. You end up wondering if this is really how you're going to find your next role and questioning how else you're going to manage it. The lack of enthusiasm the jobs board has about its own presentation starts rubbing off onto you before you close the tab and think 'f*** it, I'll look another time'.

Thank goodness for the organisations out there that are working hard at filling their sites with excitement that you can feel through the screen about upcoming work opportunities. It's surprising though that so many people are yet to hear of them despite the number of ethical and forward thinking companies listing job ads on them.

This blog highlights a few of our favourites. Please share with anyone you know who is on the hunt to find what they love to do.

Who said you had to stick to scrolling on Indeed? We definitely did not!

Site #1 - I Love My Job

i love my job

I Love My Job is a 'positive impact recruitment' company. Launched in 2010, they have an impact driven vision to help more people love what they do.

Their site states that they 'believe that loving your job should be the norm, not just a privilege for a select few people', and you know this is our vibe, too.

They go beyond simply finding people work, they pride themselves on finding people jobs that will positively impact their lives. They became Certified B Corporation® in 2021, meaning that they are a new type of business that has met a high level of social and environmental standards and wants to use business as a genuine force for good. We love that!


Not only does their site lists a range of opportunities but their social media is also filled with useful content to help you spot green flags from potential employers and get your CV standing out.

Site #2 - Escape the City

escape the city

Escape the City has been on a mission since 2010 to help 1,000,000 quit their corporate jobs and find work that matters to them and the world. 12 years ago, founders Dom and Rob sat in Rob’s basement looking for interesting jobs to populate their weekly Top 10 Opportunities email. Turns out people loved it and they were on to something. That email list now has well over 500,000 members.

They've now become much more than an email for people looking to find more interesting jobs (although they do still do that and their very newsletter has been how Favourite Position's founder, Alex, has found her last few jobs).

Today, Escape is a global community: 'a movement of people who believe what we always have – that life’s too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you. And that doing something different is possible' - again, another total Favourite Positions #VIBE.

"Our new mission is to liberate one million people to do work they love. Not just find more fulfilling work but create it too." – Escape the City


Site #3 - Mission Driven Talent

mission driven talent

Mission Driven Talent specialises in sourcing outstanding candidates for businesses on a mission (does what it says on the tin).

According to them, they'll list jobs for any mission, no matter the scale, but with ambition to make a positive difference.

Be that:

- Solving a social challenge

- Leading an environmental initiative

- A B Corp, balancing purpose and profit

- Offering a solution to improve our lives and better society

- Or a business with a strong sense of social responsibility

They say 'innovative businesses are their strong suit' and we'd say they're pretty innovative too, inviting people to apply for jobs they list by writing to them, sending voice notes or recording videos to submit. If only we could shake up the whole assessment world from schools to universities, work placements to hiring across the board and let people present themselves however they feel most confident (but that's a topic for another blog post!).

mission driven talent jobs

Tash from Mission Driven Talent talks you through the website, which makes the experience feel extremely inclusive and personable, such a cool touch.

#FavouritePositionsHack Find where your ideal companies advertise their openings

We highly recommend that you curate your own hit list of job sites, whether you're currently looking for work or not, so that you're always prepared with places to look when you fancy a browse.

In order to find job websites that match up to the kind of industry you want to work in, simply Google a company you've dreamt of working for, along with the words 'job openings' and you'll be able to see a list of where they usually post their ads, even if there aren't any currently open. Check out the sites they list on or discover that they may well have their own careers page where they post details of the positions they're hiring for. Start to build your own list of places to look that fill you with feelings of motivation, rather than corporate-soul destroying dread.

If you're actively on the hunt for a new position, good luck. Reach out to us here if you need any support, we'd love to help you.



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