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What do we want from work in 2023

We've got insights on what people are searching for during the peak job hunting month of the year.

Findings from the first 5 days of the year are showing that now more than ever, people are searching for more than just a job.

Freedom is key

An article published yesterday by BBC News states that hybrid work is here to stay. "We're not going back to how things were pre-Covid," Mark Allan, chief executive of property firm Landsec said. "We certainly believe there are going to be fewer people in offices for the longer term and we are planning accordingly." Flexible working is one the most searched for terms on our Jobs Board. Candidates want freedom to work where and how suits them best.

Updated benefits are vital

Today, research by Feedr has been released and has shed light on which benefits employees really want. 64% of people surveyed said they believe a happy and 'zen' working environment is more important than a massive salary. More than 50% said that better nutrition and mental health perks are more important than old school benefits such as laptops, company cars and pension plans. 91 % believe that employers need to be more creative in terms of the working environment and perks that they offer, if they want to keep people happy in the modern age.

It's not just about the role

There has also been an increasing proportion of people searching COMPANY first rather than JOB first.

The way that people search for a new role is becoming increasingly focused on "how" they will work, as well as "what" they will do.

Most Jobs Boards aren't set up for this but at The Know, we've curated a board which displays opportunities that will help people feel more positive about their next step. Check out the board here if you're looking for work. Get in touch today to list your roles with us and attract + retain your dream team.

What are you looking for in your work this year? If you're undecided but feel you need a change, don't hesitate to make the most of our free 1:1 sessions, designed to help you find what you love to do.


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