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3 ways to listen to those who do what you love

Are you in the process of navigating your own thoughts on a career change (or any life change for that matter)? Don’t forget that there are people around you who can help by offering their own insights.

Whether they’re people you know personally who’ve achieved some things you think you’d like to also achieve or people online that you feel have wisdom to share, you’ll be surprised by how much support there is once you start to look for it.

Why not make an approach to a few people this week who have done / are doing jobs that you’re interested in finding out more about and ask if you can pick their brains for a few minutes? By the end of next week, you could be a lot more knowledgeable about possible next steps than you are now.

Here are our top 3 ways to learn more about different careers! 🧠

Whilst this isn't specifically about careers, it does give an in depth look into what one's life might be like in a particular job.

'Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.'

This brilliant podcast sees Ellie Austin-Williams & Victoria Nabarro interview a different guest each week and discuss how they earn a living, as well as the highs and lows that come with their chosen path. It's honest and jam packed with insights from industries far and wide.

We loved their recent chat with Charlton FCs very own Rachel Newborough. She was telling listeners about life as a professional footballer, her views on the future of the game, and whether there’s any hope for gender equality in football. Did you know that whilst men in the Premier League make millions a year, the average salary in the Women’s Super League is around £26,000? You can hear Ellie, Victoria and Rachel discuss whether the men’s salaries are obscene or whether the women are underpaid, and when it comes to the bottom line of the business of football, whether the numbers add up.

'We're talking money, but without the filters. It's the one thing that we can't escape, but that none of us dare to talk about. Each week we'll be having a no holds barred conversation about real life money. So grab yourself a coffee, (or a cheeky glass of wine!), and settle on in.'

In this series of YouTube videos and podcasts, entrepreneur Grace Beverley moves away from the traditional macho, business-podcast rhetoric, to get a better understanding of what ACTUALLY goes on behind the scenes of the brightest success stories. How did they get to where they are? What are the biggest mistakes they’ve made? What is the side to their work that no one else sees? Each week Grace and her guest open an honest dialogue about these topics, and share practical tips to help make our work and home lives more balanced, successful and fulfilling.

Reaching a peak position of no1 in the Spotify UK download charts, this series follows Grace as she discards the 9-5 work rhetoric to get a better understanding of what ACTUALLY goes on in the lives of people who love what they do

Featuring business leaders, authors, influencers, scientists, creatives, founders, investors and CEOs, the podcast lifts the lid on what actually goes on behind the scenes of our working lives and the challenges we all face, from struggling to take time off, avoiding burnout, finding purpose and fulfilment, and much more. Guests so far have included fashion entrepreneur Conna Walker, behavioural scientist Dr Grace Lordan, artist George Heaton, founder of Clearblanc, and author, entrepreneur and podcaster Steven Bartlett.

How do you enjoy learning more about people who love what they do? Let us know!


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